JM Publishing 5 Stage Process

Effective Results with our 5 Stage Process

1. Consultation

We will understand your business goals and digital dreams, target market, budgets and aspirations. Then we will recommend the best digital marketing solution to maximise your budget and deliver your goals.

2. Planning

We’ll look at everything your digital solution needs to be a success; content types, categories, menus, features, functions, marketing ideas, UI/UX.

Once you are happy your digital project has all the information architecture required, and we have agreed budgets and timelines, we will put your plan into action.

3. Design Phase

We will take what we have learned in the planning and consultation process and our design team will develop a layout. We’ll ask you to sign off on these ideas at various stages as move through the design phase, so you will be involved and up to date on all developments. Once the design is completed we’ll get you to sign off and begin development.

4. Development

Once you are happy with the designs, we will implement and our team will start to build. We will create all the functionality that we agreed with you during the planning stages and deliver a top quality product, on time and within your digital budget.

5. Delivery

Once we have done all the relevant testing and the project is completed, we will go live.  You will have a digital solution built to the best standards that you will be very proud of and we’ll be very proud to have worked with you.

We will have made your digital dream a reality using our simple 5 Step Process.

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JM Publishing provide our customers in the Public and Private sector with the best web design, more visitors, more business leads, more online sales and measurable results using Word press and HTML5.

Our IT experts are waiting to create the best digital solutions that work within your budget.

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Digital Marketing & Email Newsletters

JM Publishing design and publish digital magazines designed with creativity and imagination. The digital publications have online subscription, SEO, Google analytics etc.  These are available to be viewed from desk top, Smartphones and print. Talk to us today and see how we can take your in-house publication or design to the next level.

Electronic newsletters or EDMs offer an affordable and effective means of developing and distributing company newsletters to your customers. We provide our clients with a system that allows them to easily grab their audience’s attention. 

We will help our clients to publish their customer newsletters and manage their mailing lists.

Make your EDM or in-house magazine more professional today!

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Mobile Applications

Our team of mobile App Developers deliver cutting edge Applications. We have created world-class applications for iOS and Android and design web sites for the latest Smartphones devices.

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